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Luke Malek Voted NO on Parental Rights

The Parental Rights Bill HB H0113, passed the House yesterday, 25 Feb 2015. The purpose of the bill is this: “It is the intent of the Legislature to emphasize the rights of parents. Parents and legal guardians who have legal custody of minor children have a fundamental right to make […]

Should We Declare Idaho a Christian State?

Last night, at the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee (KCRCC), I witnessed a bunch of professing Christians stand down on the vote to acknowledge Idaho to be a Christian State. Not that all the stand downs were professing Christians but I thought it quite ironic for Christians to vote to […]

New Leadership in Kootenai County GOP Legislative District 4

Ron Mendive is in the third legislative district. This activity took place in the fourth legislative district. Well, it is official: last night Legislative District 4 of the Kootenai County GOP elected a democrat (RINO) for chairman. Nominated and promoted by Rick Currie, former commissioner and one of the most […]

Responsible Christian Voting

NOTE: Ron Mendive has told me he does not approve this message and does not want anyone to think this comes from him. Sorry. Do Not Be Deceived Don’t be mislead by people who tell you we have become divided and need leadership who will bring us together. Since mankind […]

Kootenai County GOP Primary 2014 – Candidate Rundown

How We Have Such Short Memories Luke Malek has such a winning smile and he is the native son of a notable Democrat family. So, of course he will make a good Republican candidate. He helped Governor Otter bring in Obamacare into our conservative state and landed himself a 100K […]